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Umbau/ Erweiterung- Universitätscampus in Hamburg

The competition entry entails re-organisation, extension and compression of the existing campus of natural sciences, which is located in Hamburg, Bundesstraße.

The currently disjointed faculties are connected via a common social heart at the Bundesstraße. Social functions such as the auditorium, refectory, cafeteria, retail and the museum are allocated on the main piazza. The Bundesstraße itself becomes a tree-lined boulevard that invites people into the campus.

Permeable perimeter walls increase shall transparency and public interaction for the University. A network of routes and versatile courtyards at pedestrian level makes the campus easily accessible for students and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. The top two floors offer a green oasis set back to conform to the traditional eaves and roofs of the historic town.

All faculty buildings are based on the same grid and façade module. By use of these simple architectural components, we have created diverse settings and spaces. Different façade materials and colours are used to distinguish between offices and laboratories of the various faculties. 

Client: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
Cost: 6.650€/m² NF 1-6 parameter for building cost
Area (gros): 198.000m²
Completion: Anticipated in 2018