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Sanierung/Umbau Wellcome Trust in London

The Wellcome Trust occupies a historic building at 183 Euston Road, which the Client wanted to refurbish in order to house the public functions of the Trust, including Library, Exhibition, Lecture and Conference facilities.

The clarity of Septimus Warwick's 1930's building had been lost over the years in a series of partial refurbishments. Our work re-established the legibility of the existing building and created a clear hierarchy of public and private spaces.

The interior of the building has been opened out to allow daylight to penetrate the deeper parts of the plan and connect visually some of the primary parts of the building. The main entrance off Euston Road grants openness and generosity to the building and provides a dignified entrance for mobility impaired persons.

In addition, the ground floor windows have been redesigned to create a series of large bay windows. They connect the interior more directly with the street outside and emphasise the new public.

Client: Wellcome Trust
Cost: 26.5M €
Area: 16.000m²
Completion: 2004